Our Story

Workozy started out as a tool to simplify the business cases that hadn't seen the bright side of technology either because of their unique contexts or the absence of any relevant solution. The existing solutions either were too detailed or too short-sighted for the given business cases. Our mission is to empower businesses and organisation to reap the value of technology during field tasks.

  • Our team is driven by the need to influence lives using technology.
  • Customer Gains and their perspectives are the building blocks of our product.
  • We are always working to improve your team's performance.

Our Clients

Our clientele consists of organisations in various domains and industries. Read how Workozy simplified and enhanced their businesses.

"Workozy is helping us to effectively manage a very large field team proactively. This solution simplifies our field tasks and helps us to generate reports as per our format and needs. The net result is that the quality of data collected has improved with zero hassle for both managers and field personnel."

Karan Hora, AVP Star TV

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