Field Data Collection App: What, Why, How

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Field Data Collection App: What, Why, How

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In today’s digital age, field data collection app is the future of field work. Don’t believe it? Well then read on. At the very start, let’s analyse this very important step of our business, viz. field data collection. Field data is any data collected from sources on the field and is collected by various organizations and institutions, including businesses, educational institutes, governments and non-governmental organizations.

Now, field data can be of two types depending upon the source. The first can be raw data or information collected by a field team directly and reported back to management or clients for further processing. The second type is the data that is collected as a business-awareness report or as a feedback to improve processes of lead and client engagement, increase product-market fit, manage inventories on outlets, or survey various market, social and educational criteria.

The frustrations of Field Data Collection

Field work-forces today collect mammoth amount of data that can be overwhelming to manage and understand if the organisation uses traditional methods of data collection. Now, this problem is basically a problem of the method of field data collection. In fact, a large number of organisations are still using the age-old pen-paper approach to collect data. Some organisations have moved on to electronic media, like email, WhatsApp, SMSs and other apps to do field data collection. Some of them even use an app that is not inherently suited or customized for their business case.

These methods give rise to a large number of challenges. Primarily amongst these is the lack of reliability and uniformity in reporting of data collected from the field. Due to the large number of agents collecting the data, there is no uniform format of data collection. There is data loss in each level of reporting due to manual errors, memory lapses, and random reporting techniques. The problem can come in the form as simple as that of a field agent losing the paper that he/she noted down on or accidentally deleting the note on their mobile phones. This can be a major show-stopper for a business that is trying to grow and scale.

Moreover, the time to collect data manually is usually very high. And even if the manager gets all the data from the agents, consolidating all the data collected and transforming it into a usable format is a real headache. Moreover, there are delays in data reporting as the field agents move from one shop or outlet to the other. All that a company achieves by this is loss of precious work-hours that could have been used in fast-tracking the activities.

field data collection app steps
The process of Field Data Collection can be exhausting for a growing business

In fact this is not all. A major roadblock is the limitation to analyse data and derive meaningful insights from it. Since, data analysis requires the data to be in a predefined format the traditional field data collection reports consume more effort and head-space.

Walking through this Data Chaos:

Organisations which have recognized these problems of field data collection as a major deterrent to growth of revenue or meeting of targets, are now looking towards automation. But automation that doesn’t actually relate or understand the business context of a particular organisation doesn’t salvage the situation at all. In fact it adds to the confusion. Hence, an easy-to-use, customizable and business-responsive automation is required to handle the incoming data, process and store it to solve this puzzle of field data collection.

Is there a field data collection app that understands my business like I do?

Well, there is in fact. Workozy is a versatile field data collection app that has been designed to make life easy for field agents and managers. Workozy’s field data collection app has been designed for businesses that want to create solutions for their specific and unique business cases. Doing so does not require any tech or coding knowledge. Users can simply point and click to design workflows and build their field data collection apps. Workozy ensures that the data you require is delivered to you with minimal cost and time and in a package that will actually help your company to achieve its objectives and targets.

To add on to the advantages, you can also keep an eye on your field team’s productivity using Workozy in real time. The solution has a dashboard where you can view the various KPIs and productivity metrics so that you can ensure that your team is performing their tasks as expected and in the right direction. And, well, direction is as important as the magnitude of the field activities, ain’t it?

What does this ‘field data collection app’ contain?

Workozy, the field data collection app, has been designed to give you an all-encompassing solution. It functions with three basic, easy-to-use, and interesting components:

  1. Workozy Field Data Collection App
  2. Workozy Field Data Collection Dashboard
  3. Workozy Reports and Data Mangement

Let’s see what these three things are and how do they help you.

Workozy App :

The Workozy Field app is the basic contact point of field workers who are on the field, collecting data. It consists of the following functionalities –

  • An easy to use and understand UI-UX to execute tasks and collect data
  • Mobile forms as per your business needs to help you collect the perfect data. 
  • Real time and offline recording and storage of data (i.e. even in areas with poor network) eliminating any delays or hiccups in data collection and processing
field data collection app screenshot
The Workozy Field Data Collection app simplifies field task executions

Workozy Dashboard:

The dashboard is like a personal assistant of field managers and supervisors. It is an admin tool for the app and is used to monitor productivity in real time. Using the dashboard, one can do the following things easily:

  • Create mobile forms as per your business context.
  • Include easy approval based workflows to smoothly verify the important aspects of your tasks
  • Assign, delegate, approve, close and integrate field data collection tasks to boost your planning and efficiency.
  • It contains a Target vs Achievement metrics. With this, you get a clear insight of the situation on the field and how to fill existing gaps.
  • Attendance and live tracking of field workers provide real time information about assets on the ground including their geolocation or geotag.
  • Reports generated from the dashboard come in handy to analyse the current situation. These come with the following features –
    • Reports can be generated in any format round the clock for any period of time to suit your needs.
    • Reports are downloaded in MSExcel, csv or any other format required with a single click.
    • Multiple types of reports – activity based, attendance and any other formats can be created and downloaded to get a holistic view of the field workforce 
field data collection app dashboard
Workozy Field Data Collection Dashboard presents all relevant KPIs in one screen

Reports & Data Collection:

Workozy provides various kinds of superpower for field data collection and sanitization as follows:

  • Data points can be recorded and stored in different formats like numbers (phone numbers), text (names, addresses), images (products, locations), geotags (latitudes and longitudes), etc.
  • Validations can be applied to any data and custom validations can be applied.
  • Authentication and verification of data can be done by the field managers and the sanctity of data can be maintained
  • Cloud based solution ensures security and remote access from anywhere
  • Data organisation and formatting can be done easily to get the desired output.
  • Data can be visualized in different formats through the Field Data Collection Dashboard.
field data collection app data collection
With Workozy, Field Data is sacred and verified.

How has Workozy helped organisations till now?

In the past, one of our clients approached us with a problem of the  engagement metrics and effectiveness of the work-force which was dedicated to engaging field stakeholders partners, etc.). The data they had on stakeholders as well as the engagement activity was unorganized and unreliable. There was no concrete way to measure any KPIs of field team reliably. Workozy provided a solution where their documentations & workflow of meetings & engagements became more organised with the use of field data collection app. This resulted in easy availability of reliable and organised data which helped our client in making better decisions and thus earned them better revenue in the long run.

Besides that we have already automated the field work for more than 300 plus clients which includes the use case of Sales Force Automation, Lead Management System, Field CRM, Field Task Management, Field Surveys and Inspections, etc.

What are the benefits of automating field data collection?

Well, the uses are numerous. Apart from, ensuring ease of work for field agents and managers alike, it has much important business impact all the way through. I have listed below a few of these.

1. Metrics and field data are organised digitally. This leads to

  • Time saving
  • Reduction in manual errors in data recording and keeping
  • Authenticity of records and hence more reliability of data. (Use of geotags, elimination of manual errors and memory lapses.)

2. Field data are digitally archived on servers. This ensures

  • Permanence of storage
  • Archives are organised and stored in digital format resulting in reduced shelf volume

3. Better processing and use of the field data. This means,

  • Analytics can be applied, smart and reliable reports can be generated
  • Inefficiencies in workflow can be identified and resolved
  • Field Force becomes more effective

Now, all this means is that using a field data collection app leads to better productivity that would yield better business results and client satisfaction through reliable data. In fact industry experts have already started to ring the alarms for automating process.

Choose to automate your business as soon as you can to be on top of the market dynamics. Contact us for a free demo and a free one-month trial.

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