Technology in Field Data Collection

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Technology in Field Data Collection

What is Field Data Collection?

Field Data Collection is one of the most integral transactions of human society both trade-related and otherwise. Whether it is for sales, lead nurturing cycle, client relationship building, survey, audit, educational assessments, etc. field data collection is indispensable to measure processes for improvements.

How do we collect field data?

Traditionally the most common approach of recording field data is with the help of pen and paper. Some enterprises use MS Excel and a couple of apps to do the same. This method has various limitations- it is slow, non-scalable and suffers from numerous manual errors.

Field Data Collection requires planning and resources.

What kinds of data do we collect?

The variety of data that is being collected today is huge. From text to number to images and geo-locations: the diversity in the classes of data is massive. Field data collection thus wouldn’t be very convenient with the traditional instruments. Even usage of software which can record field data but aren’t specifically build for it, doesn’t resolve the issues. Field data collection still remains a big headache.

field data collection app
Field Data Collection is a complex but extremely important process.

How do we simplify field data collection?

A unique application that can be configured easily to the context of data collection, is the need of the hour. This is where Workozy comes up as a good fit for the holy grail that we are searching.

With a fluent UI/UX and a vast array of data types at disposal, one can create a unique application for custom field data collection within minutes. With the popularity and availability of smart-phones, Workozy turns a simple phone into a mammoth field data collection machine.

Workozy uses a cloud platform to store the data and functions equally well both offline and online. The data can be built into customized reports using the Dashboard feature. MS Excel reports can be downloaded in few seconds for any date range and for any activities.

Contact us for a quick demo and a free trial for a month.

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