Stories of Field Data Collection

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Stories of Field Data Collection

John leads a team of field personnel for field data collection and activities, he has to assign them tasks and ensure that the tasks are completed in time. John calls up or emails or uses a couple of apps linked together to communicate with the field folks for the tasks at hand. He has to be in constant touch with the field personnel to ensure proper execution.

By the end of the day John is tired of all the haggling, but there is still a lot to be done. John has to sit with his laptop at the end of the day and compile all the reports that he receives from the field and sieve out the relevant field data. It is at this point that John realizes that he hardly gets time to execute his core job function, which is to plan the work assignments and review the activities to ensure proper handling of tasks. John’s function is directly related to his company’s growth and revenue and his own personal aspirations. And thus, every evening John wishes for things to change.

He wishes for the communication between him and his field folks to be streamlined. What if he could tell them without picking up the phone? What if he could fine tune the tasks without creating countless email threads? What if he could convey easily the changing demands of field data collection? What if he doesn’t have to toggle between two or three apps to trigger, assign or approve a task? What if he could just get all the reports with a click at the end of the day? What if he could monitor on his computer how efficiently folks are working? To John these questions had no answers and he knew field business had to be the way it was.

Fortunately for John, technology has answered all these questions with a vehement “It’s possible now.” For instance, with Workozy’s field app and dashboard, all the major and minor hassles of field work and field data collection have been removed. Powered by cloud technology and a robust application, this tool is a one-stop shop for all field activities- sales, retail, CRMs, lead visits, payment and field data collection, surveys, audit, and on and on.

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Independent of the domain of work, Workozy can be configured to fit any business case like a glove. The heart of this product is a vision of solving all the problems and redundancies of field work, the most primary or fundamental of which is field data collection. John now can be confident that the field work is being done more efficiently and without any hiccups. He can focus on optimizing the team work and on his core functions.

Today, technology is unleashing its power in almost all spheres of existence. Workozy is thus, an inevitable innovation to influence and organize field work and service management.

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